IEC 1906 Award 2021: Dr. Elena Taboada

IEC 1906 Award 2021: Dr. Elena Taboada

By the ISC Team:

The ISC-Team congratualates Dr. Elena Taboada from das-Nano on the IEC 1906 Award 2021.

The 1906 Award commemorates the funding of the electrotechnical commission – IEC which held its inaugural meeting on June 26, 1906 in London. Lord Kelvin was elected as the first president of the IEC. The award is granted in recognition of exceptional individual engagement in a Technical Committee. IEC/TC 113 nominates a maximum of two technical experts per year for the award.

Dr. Elena Taboada received the award for

her extraordinary contribution to the development of IEC TS 62607-6-10 relating to the measurement of the sheet resistance on films of graphene-based materials with terahertz time-domain spectroscopy. She acted as the co-Project Leader for this Technical Specification and was the driving force to complete the project.

Elena Taboada was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1980. She has a degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Materials Science. Her PhD Thesis dealt with the synthesis of composite magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications. She has wide experience in the chemical synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles and quantum dots, sol-gel synthesis by wet chemistry and supercritical fluids, catalysis, and materials characterization.

She joined das-Nano in 2013 and was responsible for the chemical laboratory for 5 years. Then, she moved to the das-Nano’s terahertz department, where she has devoted the last 3 years to project management, standardization processes, quality control, IP protection, and other tasks.


Photo with permission of das-Nano Tech S.L.